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Anza Capital invests in early stage tech startups within Food Technology, CleanTech and Digital. 

At Anza Capital, our investment focus is crystal clear: we actively seek out and support early-stage tech startups in the areas of Food Technology, CleanTech, and Digital innovation. We are passionate about nurturing cutting-edge ideas and driving the advancement of these industries, channeling our resources to empower visionary entrepreneurs and catalyse their journey towards success and meaningful change.

Delve into our model at Anza Capital to gain a comprehensive understanding of how our approach can benefit you. Discover the intricacies of our impact and strategies, and how they align with your goals, empowering you to make informed decisions and embark on a path towards success.

Investment Criteria

In the intricate world of investment, discerning the right opportunities is paramount. Our investment criteria form the compass guiding our choices, meticulously crafted to identify ventures with the greatest potential for success. By adhering to these well-defined standards, we ensure that every partnership we forge aligns with our strategic vision and bolsters the prospects of mutual growth and prosperity.

  • Location of Incorporation 

    Based in Africa, with a focus on South Africa and the SADC region.

  • Development Stage

    We primarily invest in companies at the seed to Series A stage of development. 

  • Management Team

    We seek teams with two or more founders who possess a strong passion, drive, and coachability. It is essential that teams are prepared to work closely with advisors. 

  • Financials

    We expect you to have developed reasonable financial projections, including an income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet, supported by logical and realistic assumptions. 

  • Technology

    We seek companies that have validated their product or technology concept, backed by data or objective expert opinions. It is important to have a comprehensive business plan in place for the commercialization of the technology. 

  • Sales Strategy

    We require a well-defined pathway to market and a robust plan to achieve widespread market penetration for your products and services. 

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    We expect your intellectual property to be adequately protected and thorough searches are conducted to avoid infringement on patents or trademarks held by others. 

  • Target Customer

    We look for companies that have identified their market segment and can demonstrate a proven and significant demand for their proposed solution. 

  • Market Size

    We consider the projected spending in your product category and look for evidence of a large and growing market. 

  • Capital Needs

    We expect you to have a clear understanding of the funds raised and how they will be incrementally used to fuel the growth of your business. It is important to identify the capital needed to reach breakeven. 

  • Competition

    We require you to identify potential competitors and understand the company’s points of differentiation. Establishing true barriers to entry can help maintain a competitive advantage. 

  • Exit Strategy

    We look for a well-defined exit strategy that offers our angel investors the potential to generate a return of at least ten times their initial investment. 

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