Our Thesis

Our thesis aligns with investors who: 

Have an interest and an appetite for start-ups or early-stage companies with new technologies, processes, or products. 

Want to make a positive impact on Africa’s local economies. 

Are passionate about supporting African entrepreneurs that provide real-world solutions. 

Why Anza Capital?

The commercialisation of IP is an important financial decision due to its immense potential for creating wealth and increasing financial returns. In Africa, there is an extreme lack of pre-seed to series A funding which is creating a significant financial gap in the region.  

At Anza Capital we believe that supporting the commercialisation of IP is essential to reducing the financial gap in Africa and promoting economic growth and development. Our mandate is to fund projects that can create wealth and generate returns while also having a meaningful and lasting impact on the African continent.  

We believe that Africa has the potential to be a major hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and we are dedicated to supporting the development of this ecosystem through our investments and partnerships. The commercialisation of intellectual property and the competitiveness of nations is closely linked. By promoting the commercialisation of intellectual property, countries are able to create a competitive advantage in their respective fields; patents and trademarks can be used to protect inventions and other proprietary information, as well as creating access to new markets and technology. This in turn can lead to increased economic growth and prosperity for the nation.  

Our X-factor

Anza Capital stands out with its holistic method to business progression, tackling everything from investment checkpoints, evolution, and ultimate exit schemes.

Our squad dives in headfirst, targeting growth-focused business innovators and equipping them with entrepreneurial coaching and tactical insights. This ensures a well-planned exit roadmap right from the inception.

We extend an invitation to investors to engage in specialized, tech-centric projects across the African continent. These enterprises harbor immense possibilities for international scaling and lucrative exit possibilities.

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