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Who We Are

Largest start-up event in Africa

SAIS is an organisation devoted to entrepreneurs in all tech industries, all stages, from incubation, throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle.
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Africa's Leading Online Accelerator

Online accelerator and virtual mentorship platform providing programmes built on tangible outcomes.
The Programs

Enabling Innovation

Boutique advisory firm focused on strategy, innovation management, and economic development. Intimately involved in designing regional innovation ecosystems in energy, natural resources, digital tech.
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Our Vision

“Touch and impact ½ billion livelihoods in Africa by supporting early-stage tech entrepreneurial ventures through financial and technical assistance”

What We Do

Early Stage Funding
Fueling Africa's best entrepreneurs, we bring their ideas to life through comprehensive support, resources, and unwavering commitment.
Incubation & Active Management
Our experienced team is committed to developing skills, shaping strategy and opening doors over the long term.
Market Access
Our extensive industry networks remove barriers and enable our portfolio companies to reach their markets faster.
Building a Legacy
We are committed to leaving a legacy of entrepreneurship; our investees are encouraged and empowered to teach the next generation.

Our Focus Areas

At Anza Capital, we are committed to investing in the future of industries that have the power to transform society, including our focus areas of food technology, just energy, and digital Africa.

Our investments focus on major challenge areas for Africa and Africans, including:

Investing in Food Technology, Investing in growth

Food technology is rapidly revolutionising the way we produce, distribute, and consume food, and at Anza Capital, we are dedicated to supporting innovative entrepreneurs who are driving this change.

Food Security anchors the Anza thesis and is focussed on:


Reliable supply of food of sufficient quantity and quality.


Households have adequate resources to obtain appropriate food.


Food is nutritious and can be adequately metabolised and used by the body.


Permanent and durable access to food. 

Investing in CleanTech, Investing in Growth

ANZA Capital will invest in technology-based solutions that aim to improve environmental performance, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction.

Using a whole value chain approach, the focus is to invest in small and medium sized enterprises, including businesses owned by women and youth, that can pivot from coal and other carbon intensive sectors, to the green economy; emphasis is on transitioning Africa to the green industry, in particular green energy and on unlocking growth through patient and flexible finance.

An investment thesis for Africa’s Just Energy Transition, which will mobilise catalytic climate finance in order to:

Achieve Climate Goals

Support African countries in achieving ambitious climate goals, including the phase-out of fossil fuel energy production, aligned with the global 1.5-2 degree target.

Create Jobs

Creates and preserves high-quality job opportunities, empowering South Africans with secure employment prospects and a brighter future.

Build Capacity

Foster sustainable growth for South Africans by building adaptive capacity in coal-affected communities, empowering them to navigate the transition effectively.

Achieve Net Zero Emissions

Net zero emissions across investors’ assets by 2050 or sooner: driving sustainability, combating climate change effectively.

Investing in Digital Infrastructure, Investing in Growth

One of the biggest challenges across Africa is the lack of infrastructure that delivers services and utilities to citizens. This lack of infrastructure particularly affects access to electricity, telecommunications, transport, healthcare and education.

There are significant opportunities for digital infrastructure start-ups, in particular – entrepreneurs that create multi-party platforms that share information, services, products, and more.

ANZA Capital is of the view that platform-based, digital infrastructure will be critical in ensuring large-scale, large-consumer-volume services can be effectively delivered – and that Africa represents the best place to develop these services due to the existing infrastructure gap.